Allagash Waterway
Wilderness Trip
Bring List

Allagash Waterway, Maine

Camping Gear - (Side Zipper Duffel):
Sleeping Bag - (three season - 25 degree type)
Self-inflating air mattress or foam pad *.
Tent * - (Two person backpacking type)
Small Tarp, (10x12 or 12x16), to cover your tent & make an entry fly *.

Day Bag - (Waterproof Bag) :
Rain Hat, Jacket & Pants.
Bug Spray, Suntan Lotion and Biodegradable Soap.
Meds: Aspirin, Ibprofen, Bee Sting, Allergy, etc.
Eye Glasses, Sun Glasses & Sports Strap.
Wool Shirt & Pants or Fleece Jacket & Pants.
Pair of Wool Socks
Water Shoes or Boots. (filp-flops, Tevas & sandals are not appropreate for walking the boats in the water)

To Wear Paddling:
Sun Hat or Bill,
Lined Shorts or Bathing Suit.
Double Knit Tee Shirt.
Water Shoes, Sandals or Tevas.
Supplemented by items in the Day Bag.

Clothes (Side Zipper Duffel):
Fleece Jacket and/or Windbreaker, the evenings can be cool.
Extra Tee Shirts, Underware and Shorts
Jeans and Fleece Pants.
Fleece or Wool Hat and Gloves.
Sneakers and extra pairs of cotton socks for camp.
Extra Pairs of Wool Socks.
Umbrella and Rubber or Bean Boots.
Toiletries, Towel and Washcloth.
Headlamp, (prefered), or Flashlight with NEW Batteries, plus EXTRAS.
Reading materials with protective container. (OPTIONAL)
Small misical instrument. (OPTIONAL)

Loose Items:
Digital Camera, (w/extra bats) & Binoculars in waterproof container(s). (OPTIONAL)
Your own PFD and/or Paddles. (Just let us know) (OPTIONAL)
Bicycle Water Bottles (At least 2).
A small camp chair for sitting arround the campfire.

Packing Containers:
Dry Bags * x3 to keep Duffel Bags x3 dry.
Tupperware Containers to keep small items dry. - (like books, meds, etc.)
Freezer Bags, (both 1 & 2 gallon size), to organize clothing & day bag.

Do NOT Bring:
Radios or ANY electronic Noisemakers.
Cell Phones or Beepers, (coverage does not exist).
Beer or Booze.
Snacks or any food at all!
Recreational Drugs of any kind!

Be Sure to Bring:
A sense of humor and your best Jokes.
A well rested body, preferably your own.
An attitude that's ready to have fun!

* Items that Champaign Canoeing may be able to supply paddlers.

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