Allagash Waterway
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Allagash Waterway, Maine

The Allagash Waterway is a ninety-two mile canoe trail in Northern Maine that starts out in a series of lakes and ends up mostly river. It includes three short "lift overs" around dams. We eliminate a quarter mile portage at the end of the Waterway by taking out a Michaud Farms Ranger Station making our trip about 82 miles, depending how staight you paddle your canoe. The whitewater is minimal and the scenery is spectacular. The Champaign Canoeing Allagash Waterway Wilderness Trip puts in on a Friday and takes out on the eighth day, on a Saturday, with a travel day scheduled the Thursday before and the Sunday after the trip. We meet trip members in Bangor, ME, at 7:30 AM on Friday morning, directions supplied with trip conformation. Food is not provided till lunch the first day of the trip at noon just before we start paddling and ends with lunch at the take out. Most days we start paddling by 10am, stop an hour for lunch and make camp by 3 or 4pm. The last day of the trip we will be taking out mid-day followed by a shuttle back to Bangor. Conformations and detailed instructions will be emailed when deposit checks have been received and your participation has been confirmed. The Allagash Waterway Wilderness Canoe Trip, A1, is designed for either two or four persons in addition to the leaders.

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River Gage - Allagash Waterway river gage near Allagash, ME.

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