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Things are a little different in Canada. Check out our Conversion Page!

The view from our base camp on the Rouge River in Harrington, Quebec, in Canada.

What to Expect:
Please read the 'bring list' and pack accordingly. Be prompt at the assembly point; you may cut our trip short by being late or miss the trip entirely.
Canadian trips travel about eight hours to our base camp in Quebec. Car pools are arranged.
Please offer to share transportation costs if you are a passenger in someone else's car.
ALL paddlers WILL wear PFD's, life jackets, at all times while in canoes or near the river.
Everyone helps with camp duties. Evening campfires crackle, and the food is the best.

We Supply:
Canoes, paddles, PFD's (life jackets), tents, are supplied by prior special arrangements.
All common camping gear, beer, soft drinks, gourmet food, canoeing instruction, camp sites and river guides are provided. Persons with medical issues, food allergies, special dietary requirements or who are vegetarians must let us know the particulars prior to the trip cancelation date. Click here to see the Canadian trip bring list.

Trip Prerequisites:
Rouge River Canadian Trip: Successful completion of the Advanced Trip or equivalent.
Jacques-Cartier River Canadian Trip: Successful participation in the Rouge River Canadian Trip or equivalent.

Reservation Procedure:
All Canadian trip candidates must have their $50 returnable reservation fee submitted 6 weeks prior to the trip. Candidates will be notified two weeks piror to the trip by email when they are accepted on the trip. The balance of the $500 total fee is due by the cancelation date, eight days prior to the trip. Make checks payable to: Keech LeClair , and mail to: Champaign Canoeing Ltd., Keech & Ann LeClair, 30 Beach Road, Ossining, NY 10562-3201. Paddlers who repeat the same Canadian trip will receive a 10% discount on the total fee. Please enclose a note indicating the names, addresses, phone numbers and most important e-mail addresses of the persons that are included in your reservation.
You can access the "Bring List", driving directions, and other pretinent information about your Canadian Whitewater Week on this web site. We will confirm receipt of your checks for your reservations and balances via e-mail. Please be aware that we cannot answer email messages or phone calls for periods of days while away on canoe trips, see trip schedule.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation Policy states that the total fees are due by the cancellation date, eight days prior to the first day of the trip. Cancellations after that date will result in the loss of 50% deposit. Cancellation after 6:00 PM the Thursday evening just prior to the trip will result in no refund at all. With the agreement of Champaign Canoeing, an eligible substitute may be acceptable.

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