Canadian Week
Bring List

Passport or Birth Certificate & Photo Drivers Licence is required.
(Soon a Passport will be manditory, so you should plan get get yours now!)
Minors traveling with one parent may be require to have a Travel Permission Form signed by the absent parent, especially if the traveling parent is the father.
Minors traveling without either parent must have a Travel Permission Form signed by custodial parent(s), a Medical Release Form and a Medical Insurance Card effective in Canada.
Click here to download Travel Permission Form.
Click here to download Medical Release Form.
All drivers must contact their auto insurance carrier to be sure the car that you plan to drive in Canada will be covered.

Sleeping Bag with foam pad or air mattress.
Rain gear, poncho or rain suit.

Down of fleece Jacket and Windbreaker, the evenings are very cool.
Sweat Shirt and Pants.
Sun Hat or Bill, Shorts and Bathing Suit.
Minimum: Three complete changes of Clothes.
Extra Tee Shirts and Shorts
Wool Hat, Gloves, Sweater and/or Sweat Shirt plus Sweat Pants.
Two pairs of old sneakers or a pair of water shoes. (filp-flops, Tevas & sandals are not appropriate for paddling)
Hiking Boots and Two Pairs of Wool Socks.
Eye Glasses/Sports Strap, if required.

Personal Items:
Canteen or Water Bottle, (one liter soda bottle will do).
Toiletries, Towels and Washcloth.
Sun Glasses and Sports Strap.
Bug Spray, Suntan Lotion and Biodegradable Soap.
Headlamp, (LED type), or Flashlight, NEW, plus EXTRA, Batteries.
Medicines: Bee Sting, Allergy, etc.

Other Items:
Camera, Film and Booze, ice available.
Hybrid or Mountain Bike, (J/C Trip Only) (Road Bike NOT appropriate).
Biking Helmit, Clothing and Equipment, (J/C Trip Only).
Your own Tent *, PFD, Paddles, Canoe(s) * and a small Tarp.
Musical Instrument, Non-Electric.
Lawn or Sand Chair to use around the campfire, (a must).
Reading materials with protective container.

Duffel, Sea Bag, or Pack, to bring all of above.

Do NOT Bring:
Radios or ANY electronic Noisemakers.
Cell Phones or Beepers, (coverage is poor).
Good Clothes, Jewelry or large amounts of Cash.
Recreational Drugs of any kind!

Be Sure to Bring:
A sense of humor and your best Jokes.
A well rested body, preferably your own.
An attitude that's ready to have fun!

* Champaign Canoeing can provide these items as long as we have prior notice.

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