Canadian Conversions

Are you ready for "Loonies" and "Toonies"?


All prices in Canada are in Canadian Dollars, currently a terrific bargain for U.S. visitors. Use the Handy Conversion Utility, at the bottom of this page, to get an approximate value of the curancy exchange.

Most businesses will take U.S. currency but you'll lose (sometimes significantly) on the exchange rate. Exchange money at the boarder information center, a bank, or use a major credit card and let them determine the exchange rate.


Canadian weather forecasts are in degrees Celsius. Average highs for this area in mid-July are in the mid-twenties -- mid-seventies in Fahrenheit. Average lows are between 10 and 15 (50 to 59 Farhenheit) but heat waves and cold snaps are always a possibility. On our trips, it rarely gets as high as 30, (86 Fahrenheit), during the day and never goes much below 15 at night.

All you really need to know about temperature conversion for this trip is in the following table:

10C is cold
(for summer)

15C is cool

20C is fresh

25C is warm

30C is hot

35C means you're
in Hell not Canada!


Road and river distances are indicated in kilometers, approximately 0.6 of a mile. Highway speed limits are generally 100kph which makes for quick calculations, i.e., 300k is about a three hour drive. Average river paddling speeds for most people, depending upon the current, will be between 4 and 7 kph. However, if you're going downstream that fast, you're really not having any fun!


When it comes to food, most Canadians bounce back and forth between Imperial and Metric measurements, and the food packagers have accommodated with bi-measurable, as well as bi-lingual, instructions on everything. Gas, however, is sold only by the liter, 3.8 of which make up a U.S. gallon. In general gas is somewhat more expensive in Canada when compaired to US prices.

Handy Conversion Utility

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Temperature Converter

"Loonies" are actually one dollar Canadian coins named for the picture of a Loon on one side.
"Toonies" are bi-metal two dollar Canadian coins that equal two Loonies. No other reason!

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