Corporate Outings
Corperate outings can be arranged as a single day event and will include appromixmately four hours of canoeing with a swim/lunch break in the middle. We usually use the Farmington River, Northwest of Hartford, CT, but we may choose to use another river depending on river levels and other factors. We'll meet your group at about 9:30 am at the river and you'll be headed home at about 4:40 pm. A safety lecture and a short canoe instruction period will take place at the beginning of the day. Date selection will be mostly limited to mid week days as the balance of the Champaign Canoeing programs run on weekends. The months of July and August are most appropreate for this type of event. Other days of the week and/or months may be available. If a rain date is requested, it will be the day after the primary date and must not interfear with any of our other programs.

Reservation Procedure:
After the date and fee for your outing has been determined, please prepare a check as a deposit in the amount of half the fee made payable to: Keech LeClair and mail to: Champaign Canoeing Ltd., Ann & Keech LeClair, 30 Beach Road, Ossining, NY 10562-3201. If there are any persons with medical issues, food allergies or special dietary requirements please let us know the particulars prior to the trip cancelation date. Once your deposit check has been received, we will email you conformation of your trip and dirving directions, plus maps. The ballance of the fee and the final list of participants names with postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of the prime contacts must be received at Champaign Canoeing Ltd., by the cancellation date, eight days days prior to the day of the trip.

Fees for this program are $45.00 per boat and $15.00 per person, (two people per canoe). Minimum fee is $280.00, (cost of eight participants and four canoes). The maximum is thirty-six poeple, (18 canoes). Cancellation of the outing after the cancellation date, (eight days prior to the event), will result in loss of the depost. Adjustment in the total number of participants is allowed prior to the cancelation date, however, changes after the cancellation date will only be allowed at the convienence of Champaign Canoeing Ltd. If a rain date is requested, (which must be the day after the primary date), there may be a fee involved to hold the day.
Sorry, we do not have credit card capibility.

What to Bring:
Outing Bring List - that contains what to bring and not to bring on your Corporate Outing.

Making Arrangements:
Contact Ann & Keech - at Champaign Canoeing to arrange a date for your Corporate Outing.

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