Whitewater Trips

During the Canadian Whitewater Week-long trips, we use various whitewater sections of rivers in Quebec. We arrange car pools form our base camp in Ossining, NY. Food is not provided while traveling, (see mailed instructions). These trips are a base camp format with day trips to do four to eight mile sections of whitewater each day. There are bike paths, that are not paved, near our camp sites on both trips. Trip members will be selected by the leaders based on reservations received, the paddler's demonstrated canoeing ability, and their compatibility. Paddlers who have not been on any of our Canadian Whitewater Trips in previous years, are encouraged to attend at least our Advanced Whitewater Instruction Weekend so they may be fairly evaluated. The Rouge Whitewater Week-long Trip, C1, is designed for eight paddlers plus the leaders while the Jacques-Cartier Whitewater Week-long Trip, C2, is designed for six paddlers plus the leaders. Both trips have a minimum of two paddlers plus the leaders.

Additional Information:

River Locations - Description and maps of the rivers we use our Canadian trips.
Trip Schedule - Scheduled Trip Dates and slots available.
Reservarion Info - What to Expect, what we Supply and the Trip Reservation Procedure.
Trip Bring List - What to bring and not to bring on the week-long trips.
Trip Fees - Trip Fees and Discount Packages.
Conversions - Money, distance and temperature conversions.
Photo Albums - Photos of our week-long Canadian whitewater trips..
River Gauges - Water levels on Canadian Rivers.

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