Canoeing Day Trips

The Canoeing Day Trips meet at our base camp at 9:00 am and return at about 4:30 pm. Pickup at the Croton-Harmon Metro-North railroad station can be arranged. We paddle a total of about three hours on this trip on the Croton River near our base camp. Everyone drives about three miles to the put-in. Lunch is served on an island in the river where swimming is also available. In order to have the correct amount of equipment and food prepared for each of our trips, paid reservations are required. Two persons per canoe. If your party is an odd number of paddlers, there is the possibility that others may sign up with an odd number also. If the trip ends up an odd number of participants, Champaign Canoeing will attempt to arrange one additional paddler. However if none can be found your party may have one canoe with three people in it. Basic instruction is available for those who have never been in a canoe before. These trips are designed for a minimum of four and a maximum of eight people plus the leaders. Check our schedule for availability. If you don't see a trip when you would like to have one, contact us and see if one can be arranged.

Additional Information:

Trip Schedule - Scheduled & Possible Trip Dates including slots available.
Trip Fees - Per Person Fees and Discount Packages.
Reservarion Info - What to Expect, what we Supply and the Trip Reservation Procedure.
Trip Bring List - What to bring and not to bring on the Canoeing Day Trips.
Directions - To Champaign Canoeing's Base Camp in Ossining, NY.

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