Corporate Outing
Bring List
Items to wear in the canoe:
Sun Hat or Bill.
Shorts, T-Shirt and/or a Bathing Suit.
An old pair of sneakers or river shoes, (no sandals or bear feet allowed).
Eye Glasses and/or Sun Glasses with Sport Strap.

Items to bring in the canoe, (plastic bag provided):
A Sweat Shirt or heavy Long Sleeve Shirt.
A Towel..
A pair of Wool Socks.
A Canteen or Water Bottle, (one liter soda bottle will do).
Sun Screen.
Medicines: Bee Sting, Allergy, Bug Spray etc.

Items to leave in the shuttle vehicle(s):
A complete changes of Clothes, including shoes.
An Extra Towel.

Optional Items:
A Waterproof Disposable Camera.

Do NOT Bring:
Radios or ANY electronic Noisemakers.
Cell Phones or Beepers.
Really Good Clothes, Jewelry or large amounts of Cash.
Your own Canoe, without prior special arrangements.

Be Sure to Bring:
A sense of Humor and your best Jokes.
A well rested Body, preferably your own.
An Attitude that's ready to have Fun.

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