Privet Individual or
Small Group Instruction
Private Individual or Small Group Canoeing Instruction is available by special arrangement. Individuals, tandem teams and small groups can be accommmodated. Sessions may be scheduled on weekdays more easily than weekends based on the availability of the instructors. Make all inquires as early as possible to get the most desirable date(s). Check this year's schedule for the LeClair's below.

Fees for private, semi-private and small groups will vary depending on the number of studnets and days, geographical location, and instruction content requested. Our basic fee is $200 per day for up to four students suppling their own equipment and $45 for each additional student above four. If we supply canoes and paddling equipment, the fee is $300 per day for the first four students and $65 per day for each additional student. In some cases additional charges may be required if we must travel more than two hours from our base camp in Ossining, NY. At any location not of our choice, the reserving party or parties must make arrangements for us to camp with our travel trailer Our normal cancellation policy is in effect for Privet Instruction Trips.
Sorry, we do not have credit card capibility.

Reservation Procedure:
After fees are negotiated, please mail a deposit check for half the agreed upon fee or an estimate of same made payable to: Keech LeClair and mail to: Champaign Canoeing Ltd., Ann & Keech LeClair, 30 Beach Road, Ossining, NY 10562-3201. The final list of participants with addresses and phone numbers as well as a prime contact with the same information is due fifteen days prior to the trip date. Payment in full is due by the cancellation date, eight days prior to the trip. Cancellations after the cancellation date will result in loss of 50% of applicable fee.

Bring Lists:

Single Day Trip What to bring and not to bring on a Day Trip.
Two Day Trip What to bring and not to bring on a Two Day Trip.
Multi-Day Trip What to bring and not to bring on a Multi-Day Trip.

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LeClair's Schedule:
Email Ann & Keech at Champaign Canoeing to arrange date(s) for Instruction.

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