Solo Paddling Tips Solo Paddling

Paddling Strokes:
STROKE Boat Movement Your End Hand/Arm Position(s)
Forward Stroke Forward Direction Hands Over Water/Twist Torso
Back Stroke Reverse Direction Hands over Water/Lower Forearm behind Shaft
Draw Stroke Toward On-Side Top Arm over Head/Punch down into the Water
Pry Stroke Toward Off-Side Start from Back/Under Knee
Cross Draw Toward Off-Side Top Hand High or Low/Stroke toward Bow
Low Brace/Reverse Sweep Toward Off-Side (Spin) Both Hands over Water/Stern to 90 degrees
Cross Forward Forward Short Stroke (well forward)

Paddling Maneuvers:
MANEUVER Objective of Maneuver Start & Finish Location
Eddy Turn 180 degree Turn From Currrent into an Eddy
Peel Out 180 degree Turn From an Eddy into Current
Set (Back Ferry) Lateral Movement From Current to Current or Eddy
Ferry Lateral Movement From Current or Eddy to Current or Eddy

Paddling Maneuvers with Strokes:
MANEUVER Preferred Alernative
Eddy Turn (On Side) Draws Low Brace Reverse Sweeps
Eddy Turn (Off Side) Cross Draws then Cross Forwards Forward Sweeps
Peel Out (On Side) Draw Strokes then Forward Strokes Low Brace Reverse Sweeps
Peel Out (Off Side) Cross Draws then Cross Forwards (none)
Set [Back Ferry] Back Stroke/Cross Draw alternately Sets angle with controlled power
Ferry Forward or Cross Forward Strokes Set angel with controlled power

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