Changes for 2010
Allagash Waterway, Maine

The Canoeing Day Trip Program has been expanded:
The number Canoeing Day Trips availablehas been increased for this year. These trips will run up and then back down a section of the Croton River which only three miles from our base camp. This one day canoeing expericnce will include paddling, basic canoe instruction, swiming and lunch on an island in the river.

Allagash Waterway Wilderness Trip Available in 2011:
After an interuption of two years, the Allagash Wilderness will back in our schedule in 2011. The trip covers 82 miles of the Allagash Waterway in Northern Maine and is scheduled in mid-September in order to aviod the summer crouds. The cost will be $600.00 per person and will be limited to four paddlers plus the two leaders. If you are interested in such a trip, please email us and let us know. We will start taking $100.00 per person deposits in January 2011. The trip is scheduled in mid September, 2011, (dates to be announced). Click here to see photos from our previous trips.

The Rouge River and the Jacques-Cartier River Whitewater Trips:
These trips have been in decline in the past couple of years due to gasoline costs and other factors. This means that we will not run these trips this season, 2010. Next year, 2011, we hope to offer these trips again. Click here for photos.
While a Birth Certificate plus a Driver's Licence as a Photo ID will get you in and out Canada, a Passport is the best documentation to cross the US/Canadian border. Soon a passport will be manditory!

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