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Adventure Racing - Canoe Instruction & Certification
General Information:
Contact Champaign Canoeing to arrange certification date(s).
Initial whitewater canoe certification will take two consecutive days while recertification will take one.
Candidates can sign up by contacing Champaign Canoeing by email at or by phone at 914-762-5121.
Please be aware that we cannot answer email messages or phone calls on the days that we are away on canoe trips.
Trips include two lunches, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, camping & canoeing equipment and instruction.
Accommodations are either free camping or we can provide the names and phone numbers of nearby motels.
Fee for the Instruction/Certification weekend is $600 for up to four people with additional charges above four.
Click here for additional information on fees that are the same as our privet/semi-privet instruction.
The weekend covers all the requirements in the Odyssey Paddling Skills Certificate .
Instruction will given in tandem configuration only.
Additional information is contained in another document. See: Paddling Skills Certificate Addendum
Full payment is due by the cancellation date, 15 days prior the first day of the trip.
Deposit of 50% of fees will holds slots, and are refundable up to the cancelation date.
Cancellations after the cancellation date will result in the loss of 50% deposit.
Cancellation after 6:00 PM the Thursday evening just prior to the trip will result in no refund at all.
Trips are designed for a minimum of 4 students and maximum of 8. Up to 12 or 16 with 4 weeks notice.
For information on what's required for the weekend instruction trip, check out our Bring List .
Meeting time will be 8:30 AM at the selected river site, directions supplied with confirmed reservations.
Friday night accommodations can be arranged at our base camp in Ossining, NY. Directions to our base camp.

Additional Information:
Click here to contact Champaign Canoeing for additional information.
It may be posible to use slots available on existing weekend instruction trips scheduled durng the season.
Click here to see our entire trip schedule.

After your race, join us on one of our Weekend Instruction Trips or on a week-long Base Camp Whitewater Trip in Canada.

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